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Baswood’s water reclamation systems are both visually-appealing and planet-pleasing, using significantly less energy, physical space, and operator interaction.

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Your environmental, sustainability and social responsibility goals are achievable with Baswood’s innovative, technology-based solutions providing effective wastewater treatment and water reuse opportunities for a wide range of applications including:

Resorts & Hotels
Residential Planned Communities
Mixed-Use Developments


Less Energy
Small Footprint
Reduced Solids Yield
Remote Monitoring
Minimal Operator Attention
Lower Operating Costs

Baswood delivers aesthetic appeal

Baswood systems are able to conform to the design standards of luxury resorts and developments. BioVore™ reactors can be easily housed within building structures, as shown here.

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A cost effective solution for decentralized wastewater treatment, where treatment occurs closer to the source. BioVore™ is a closed-loop system that produces effluent that meets discharge requirements, while producing less residuals solids. When combined with proven technologies, such as filtration and disinfection, the effluent water can be made suitable for reuse.

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We are on a mission to deliver next-generation water technology solutions that positively impact people’s lives, work, communities, and the planet.

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