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Baswood provides Food & Beverage Producers with cost-effective, proven wastewater treatment solutions that dramatically reduce surcharges, achieve stricter effluent limits, and provide the opportunity to reuse water.

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Typical waste streams from brewing, beverage, dairy, and food processing contain high organic levels and variable loads which often require some form of pretreatment to meet ever-more-stringent municipal discharge limits and reduce related surcharge fees. In addition, consumers and the food & beverage industry as a whole are becoming more conscientious about improving operating efficiency and reducing the impact on the environment. The Baswood BioViper™ offers a wastewater pretreatment solution that helps to satisfy both financial and sustainability goals.

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Less Energy
Small Footprint
Reduced Solids Yield
Remote Monitoring
Minimal Operator Attention
Lower Operating Costs

Baswood’s innovative solution at the Houston bottling facility has exceeded our expectations and significantly reduced the impact of our business on natural and municipal resources while improving our operating efficiency”

– Derry Hobson, executive vice president, supply chain
_ Dr Pepper Snapple Group

Baswood delivers lowest total cost of ownership

Annual Operating Expenses
($ in millions/year)
Baswood saves ~$600,000/year over competitors

10-Year Savings:
$6.2 Million vs MBR

Based on typical beverage system

Baswood achieves the leadership position in Total Cost of Operation by designing and installing systems that are competitive in upfront capital to MBR systems but cost significantly less to operate. This is primarily achieved via significantly lower energy requirement, minimum man hours, and very little sludge handling, if any.

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Bottling facility in Houston cuts costs & saves energy

After more than five years of continuous operation, the Baswood system has successfully treated more than 8 million lbs. of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and exceeded expectations in both energy reduction and cost savings.

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Advanced pretreatment for high-strength wastewater. Baswood BioViper™ is a robust, automated, biological system specifically designed to treat high-strength wastewater streams with minimal chemical needs and low energy consumption, resulting in lower life-cycle costs than competing treatment technologies.

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