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Baswood offers proven solutions in the municipal marketplace for improving biosolids management and providing decentralized wastewater treatment that meet stringent environmental regulations and help support sustainable water resource management.

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Baswood delivers innovative, technology-based solutions that provide efficient and cost-effective wastewater treatment and biosolids management for a range of municipal applications.

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Biosolids Management with Baswood

Traditional sludge management techniques have high energy demands; as a result, the cost of sludge management can reach 40% of the total management budget for a wastewater treatment plant. Baswood provides a breakthrough solution for improving biosolids management that dramatically reduces the cost of sludge maintenance and management and can easily integrate into existing facilities.

Biosolids also referred to as sludge, are the residual byproducts of domestic and commercial sewage and wastewater treatment. Baswood's BioVore™ biological processes digest biosolids from the municipal wastewater treatment process, significantly decreasing the cost of sludge processing and handling. The BioVore™ has successfully reduced POTW sludge volumes by up to 60% without chemicals or nutrients in full-scale municipal wastewater treatment facilities. The remaining biosolids are high-quality, with excellent dewatering capabilities and suitable for land application.

Decentralized Treatment with Baswood

Baswood decentralized wastewater treatment solutions take a load off your system and the community.

Key benefits:

  • Maintain customer rates/optimize industrial discharge fees
  • Reduce high-strength flows
  • Expand treatment capacity
  • Avoid costly upgrades to the current municipal treatment plant
  • Remove more BOD with less energy

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A cost effective solution for decentralized wastewater treatment, where treatment occurs closer to the source. BioVore™ is a closed-loop system that produces effluent that meets discharge requirements, while producing less residuals solids. When combined with proven technologies, such as filtration and disinfection, the effluent water can be made suitable for reuse.

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