The Baswood system has many advantages for treating wastewater over current methods and traditional systems, including:

Energy and solids disposal are the two most significant costs associated with biological wastewater treatment. Due to its efficient aeration process, the Baswood system requires less energy than traditional aerobic systems and generates significantly less TSS per pound of BOD removed. The system is also highly automated and can be monitored or controlled remotely, eliminating the need to hire a dedicated operator.

Annual Operating Expenses
($ in millions/year)
Baswood saves ~$600,000/year over competitors

Baswood’s patented AIMS technology requires less power — 60% less electricity than other conventional technologies. Over the lifespan of a wastewater treatment system, only 10% of the cost is upfront capital; the remainder is operating costs.

The small space required for our system, generally 75% smaller in size than an MBR treating the same wastewater, is a considerable advantage to production plants.

Baswood’s system is expandable and adaptable to accommodate future needs. Reactors can be added as average daily flows increase, and existing reactors can be throttled to handle fluctuating flow rates. Baswood’s ability to grow with a plant differentiates it from other available technologies.

The Baswood SCADA system integrates the entire plant and provides the plant operator with a streamlined yet comprehensive interface for both monitoring and controlling the plant. The operator can see the real-time status of all automated equipment (pumps, blowers, valves, etc.).

The extensive automation of the plant means that on a day-to-day basis the plant requires only operator supervision and minimal operator intervention. Should a situation arise which requires more operator intervention than usual(e.g., maintenance activities), the SCADA system provides the operator with complete control of all equipment that is both intuitive and easy to use.

Baswood’s fixed-film systems have a superior capability in handling fluctuating flows.The sequential treatment in the system creates an environment that is very tolerant to variable loading both hydraulically and in strength that would render other systems ineffective.Baswood has a demonstrated history of treating fluctuating flows that are typical at manufacturing facilities.

Baswood turns the problem of wastewater into a sustainable solution that delivers long-lasting environmental and economic benefits for communities and industries across the globe."

– Edward Norton, conservationist, environmentalist, and actor

Baswood’s system retains the solids in the system for a much longer period than many other
technologies. The long solids retention time (SRT) encourages the endogenous decay of the biomass to the extent that conventional technologies can’t achieve, significantly reducing the number of solids produced during treatment.

Baswood’s unique arrangement of the biological environment provides a system that manages greater than typical levels of Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) and is not compromised by these materials as is a simple aeration basin, which means, that any FOG that may slip by the primary treatment will not unduly affect the efficiency of the biological digestion system.

The Baswood system is designed to eliminate odor concerns. If needed, the system can be connected to a passive odor control system to avoid nuisance issues.

There are no moving parts or complicated media retention systems in a Baswood reactor. All equipment requiring service or maintenance are easily accessible.

Service parts (seals, valves, lubricants) are available from any standard supply sources.

Water re-use is easily added to resolve future issues with restrictions or capacity.

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