Baswood BioVore™

Advanced technology for municipal wastewater and biosolids management

The Baswood BioVore™ provides cost-effective, reliable municipal wastewater treatment and biosolids/sludge management within a stable, fixed-film biological system. The BioVore’s™ unique combination of increased solids retention and decreased hydraulic retention provide treatment within a small footprint that results in efficient removal of organic contaminants while minimizing biosolids production (Class B Biosolids).

Innovative Technology

Advanced pretreatment for high-strength wastewater. Baswood BioViper™ is a robust, automated, biological system specifically designed to treat high-strength wastewater streams with minimal chemical needs and low energy consumption, resulting in lower life-cycle costs than competing treatment technologies.

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BioVore™ Benefits

  • Lower Operating Costs: Reduced energy and solids disposal offer significant cost savings
  • Energy Efficiency: 60% less electricity than other conventional technologies

  • Minimal Footprint Required: 75% smaller in size than an MBR treating the same wastewater
  • Expandability: System is expandable and adaptable to accomodate future needs
  • Remote Monitoring: Comprehensive SCADA for both monitoring and controlling the plant
  • Resilience to Shock Loading: Superior capability in handling fluctuating flows
  • Reduced Solids Yield: Increased solids retention time (SRT) encourages decay of the biomass
  • FOG Management: System manages greater than typical levels of Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG)
  • Odor Control: Designed to eliminate odor concerns and nuisance issues
  • Reduced Maintenance: No moving parts or complicated media retention systems
  • No Proprietary Parts: Service parts available from standard supply sources
  • Water Re-Use Capability: Water re-use is easily added to resolve restriction or capacity issues
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Baswood delivers lowest total cost of ownership

Annual Operating Expenses
($ in millions/year)
Baswood saves ~$600,000/year over competitors

10-Year Savings:
$7.5 Million vs MBR

Based on typical petrochemical system

Baswood achieves the leadership position in Total Cost of Operation by designing and installing systems that are competitive in upfront capital to MBR systems but cost significantly less to operate. This is primarily achieved via significantly lower energy requirement, minimum man hours, and very little sludge handling, if any.

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Case Study

Innovative process improves digestion and reduced energy demand

The Baswood BioVore™ was seamlessly integrated into GWC’s existing plant to improve the biosolids management practices of the facility. A series of fixed film reaction vessels with aerobic, facultative, and anaerobic zones promote maximum biological digestion. The high quality clarified effluent can be discharged to tertiary treatment and any residual solids are suitable for land application.

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