Case Studies

Biochemical oxygen demand reduction for the food and beverage industry

The production facility for Kerry Ingredients in Johor Bahru, Johor in Malaysia had an aging wastewater treatment plant that was struggling to maintain efficient treatment as production expanded. Kerry knew that their wastewater treatment capabilities needed significant upgrading with an emphasis on improved biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) removal. With very limited space available and a requirement for continuous operation of the existing wastewater facility, while construction and installation of any new equipment occurred, the design specifications presented a significant challenge.

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Bottling facility in Houston cuts costs & saves energy

After more than five years of continuous operation, the Baswood system has successfully treated more than 8 million lbs. of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and exceeded expectations in both energy reduction and cost savings.

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Innovative process improves digestion and reduced energy demand

The Baswood BioVore™ was seamlessly integrated into GWC’s existing plant to improve the biosolids management practices of the facility. A series of fixed film reaction vessels with aerobic, facultative, and anaerobic zones promote maximum biological digestion. The high quality clarified effluent can be discharged to tertiary treatment and any residual solids are suitable for land application.

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