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Founded in 2004, Baswood offers innovative and sustainable technology-based wastewater and biosolids management solutions. Baswood’s proven, patented water technologies provide effective treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater streams at a cost advantage over traditional treatment programs. Baswood systems are compact, customizable, and require less energy and workforce to operate. Wastewater services include pilot testing, system design, equipment supply, financing, installation, system startup and commissioning, operations training, and long-term support and operations management.

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Dallas / Fort Worth, TX
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Specifically designed to handle high-strength industrial waste streams, the Baswood BioViper offers a preferred combination of cost effectiveness, size, simplicity, and low operating costs to provide optimal pretreatment when compared to traditional treatment technologies.

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Baswood's biosolids/sludge management solution for the municipal market, the BioVore, uses patented technologies to provide both increased solids retention and decreased hydraulic retention in a stable, fixed film system resulting in reliable municipal wastewater treatment and minimized biosolids production.

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U.S. Patent 7,144,507

Dry Cycle Anaerobic Digester (DCAD)

U.S. Patent 7,387,733

Aerobic/Anaerobic Integrated Microbial Succession (AIMS)

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