Allen, TX
August 2018

Baswood Corporation is honored to share highlights from the Dr Pepper Snapple Group 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Allen, TX, August 20, 2018 – Baswood Corporation is honored to share highlights from the Dr Pepper Snapple Group 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report featuring Baswood BioViper installations in Ottumwa, Iowa and Houston, Texas. We are proud of our partnership with Dr Pepper Snapple Group and our role in helping them achieve their wastewater quality goals and sustainability initiatives. The full 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report can be found online here.

Here is what Dr Pepper Snapple Group had to say about sustainability, wastewater treatment, and Baswood BioViper: “Water is the primary ingredient in our products, and as such, DPS has an important role to play in water stewardship...production volume changes and improvements to our inventory management processes that require more frequent changeovers of our manufacturing lines. (Increased wastewater volume)
In addition, we are placing a new focus on wastewater quality and treatment. The majority of the water we use is derived from municipal sources, and wastewater in our DPS manufacturing facilities is pretreated to meet local specifications prior to discharge to municipal wastewater treatment plants.

Two of our sites – one in Houston, Texas, and the other in Ottumwa, Iowa – have installed BioViper pretreatment reactors, provided by Baswood. These wastewater treatment systems reduce the plants’ organic loading, which allows DPS to minimize its burden on the municipal wastewater treatment operations and increase their capacity to treat wastewater from other industrial customers.

In Ottumwa, for example, the BioViper installation has given the city the capacity to service more than 7,000 additional residential homes without having to modify its existing facilities. Because the Baswood solution uses significantly less energy, has a smaller physical footprint, and provides superior biosolids reduction compared to traditional wastewater systems, we will see a reduction in overall operating costs. In the years ahead, we will expand our use of in-house wastewater treatment systems such that we not only meet but exceed local specifications and requirements, freeing up municipal resources for other customers.”

Baswood congratulates Dr Pepper Snapple Group on their many successes in sustainable manufacturing and distribution. We look forward to being a part of their bright and sustainable future. Baswood is currently working with Dr Pepper Snapple Group on the wastewater treatment at their plant in Victorville, CA.

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